Seven powerful sales questions along with the reasons why you should ask them. These questions can help you expand customer needs, shift your prospect’s focus from price to value and improve your understanding of the buyer’s thinking.

The questions you ask your prospects are more important than anything you say. Here are seven powerful sales questions to help you win every deal.

“In addition to price, what other factors will you consider important?”

Many customers are price-focused because using price is the fastest and easiest way to compare options. When you ask this powerful sales question it quickly re-focuses the customer on other important priorities besides price.

“Other than this issue, what else would you like to see improved?”

“I’d be happy to tell you about our capabilities. May I ask you a few questions first so I can determine which of our capabilities will solve your problems?”

“Other clients have told us they have a problem with X. Has this been a challenge for you as well?”

“Where are you in your decision-making process?”

“Is there anybody who may be opposed to this?”

What capabilities have you seen from other companies that you haven’t yet seen from us?

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