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Empowering Independent Pharmacies
Our motto at Vaijasi Direct is to empower independent pharmacies with a one stop fully managed service. Online presence is the key for independent pharmacies as the online pharmacy market has shown massive potential for growth. We fully understand the challenges the independent pharmacies facing to venture online as it comes with lots of operational difficulties and challenges, especially time and capable human resource with core expertise. At Vaijasi Direct we are bringing your independent pharmacy ecommerce online to consumers.
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Professional Business Service
Now you can rely on our end to end business services, means we work 100% for you so independent pharmacies keep working on their core providing and serving their community and we take care of complete ecommerce trade for the independent pharmacies. All our services are integrated to provide you seamless opportunity to expand your pharmacy to online marketplace. From ecommerce management, social media and fulfilment we take care of all.
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Thrive and Grow in Competitive Environment
Independent pharmacies are missing out the opportunities from online ecommerce sales, wherein the regional and national pharmacies are making best of online opportunity and growing. Having an online presence with an ecommerce website and fully active social media enhance your reach within the community you serve and beyond.